Services To Win You More Business

At Lead Explosion we focus on one thing and one thing only – making sure your business attracts more buyers, converts and retains them  so your business is more successful, financially secure, and growing…..

We help you generate more sales by using mobile marketing, video marketing, “on page” direct response solutions, offline direct response, email marketing, SMS, QR Codes, geo-targeting, coupons, call tracking and more besides.

Each service can be taken in isolation. BUT if you REALLY want to leverage up your results, they can be taken as part of a coordinated approach that will massively boost your market share, with scaleability, repeatability and profitability.

Leverage them all together for explosive results

If you combine them together you get better sales conversion and greater business. Which we assume you want?

So, lets cut to the chase. You will probably agree there are only 3 main ways to grow your business:

(1) Get more clients or customers, (2) have them spend with you more often and (3) have them spend more each time.

If you get 1, 2 and 3 above performing better for your business, using tried and tested ways to make that happen, along with cutting edge tools and ideas – the end result is a forgone conclusion – you gain greater results

Better still we can do it all for you, or we can show you how to do it and provide you all the tools to do so.

Net result:

more financial security for you, more long term value in your business and greater success with less hassle

Sound good?

We certainly hope so!

The best way to find out for sure, for you and your business, is to take some direct action yourself: pick up your ‘phone and call 01635 917373 or email

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Because you want to know a little more on the unique solutions we can create – just for your business – our services are as follows:

  • Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing Lead generation systems – If you want to consistently prospect for new customers and clients you need to make it as easy as possible for them to find you. We help you achieve that through the use of on and offline processes and tools that create, promote and distribute, manage and monitor video and mobile marketing for your business. From Geo-targetting to QR Codes, NFC’s [near field communications] and more.
  • Sales Funnel Fillers – We create unique sales funnels that attract leads and keep in contact with prospects and turn them into your customers, through the different levels of your sales funnel. It helps you and your sales team get the results you want. To find out more just call 01635 917373. And if you are worried it will cost you the earth, we can tell you it won’t, and if you have tried others who have failed you we will “show you the money” before we start so you know what results you will get. Our approach can be modular or totally integrated – you just choose what you need.
  • Sales training – For many small to medium size businesses once leads are coming in the problem then becomes how to convert them. What Lead Explosion does is help get your sales staff or franchisees, in front of better buyers, at the right time. Whilst that sounds good, some of your staff will not be as good at converting leads as they could be – sorry but that will be true! If that happens we can give your staff better ways of converting those leads. We can train, or train up, your in-house resources to do it all “in house” – and license our sales training to you – or we can do it all for you.
  • Web video creation converts more. We create useful videos for web and offline use. These take advantage of a whole array of interactive methods for higher leads and higher conversion. These can promote your business, a specific product or service, help with software or product demo’s, even internal education and training. From simple lead generators to full blown “Glossy Videos” that show case your company, your staff, your service, or your products, we create superb quality videos for your business and make sure they get noticed, not only on the web but also on peoples mobiles too. We make sure they get circulated to all the right places to get you maximum exposure, traffic and leads. Projects have included product promotion, HR communications, software, staff training, education, even selling homes direct off the web. For an example of a house sale video click here. At Over a £1Million and the buyer came straight off You Tube.
  • Marketing and Marketing Training – Before you get to the stage of needing your own full time marketer in your business Lead Explosion can take care of all, or some of the marketing needs you have. Then, when you get to a certain size, you will need a full time marketer within your own business. Between using outside support and growing your “in house” capability there is often an “in between stage” before you are quite ready to stop out sourcing and start in sourcing. At Lead Explosion we have a brand new solution to help you through that stage. It is a 6 month immersive marketing programme that makes your own staff members into expert marketers for your business. Greater continuity for you AND all the expertise is kept in house.
    • We have a full blown, 6 month, immersive, marketing training progamme that will help you grow your own “in house” talent who then form the catalyst of your own marketing department. What’s good about it is that you or your staff will not have to leave the office. It’s all done with video, collaboration tools, email, ‘phone and webinars [another tool we can also show your business how to use to gain more leads and sales!].
    • The course and training was developed initially by a well known global software business, who used it to boost their resellers sales. It can suit any business and helps you develop your own in-house marketing whiz too. It delivers results at the same time the training is taking place – just for you and your business.
    • This marketing training and our transitional marketing approach is THE perfect solution when you are too busy to fully hand over the marketing reins that have driven your business to date and you don’t have a full time in house marketer yet but will need one soon.
  • General Consulting. Sometimes, just a fresh pair of eyes is enough to transform a business. Because of our wide skill set and experience across many business sectors Lead Explosion are very good at reviewing businesses and helping owners and managers sort and prioritise what needs to be done next. We are great trouble shooters often providing just the independent perspective needed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Following a review, we can then implement – or you can, or we can provide “one off” consulting, or an ongoing support programme. You choose. And that can be a simple quarterly, monthly, or weekly tweak or discussion.
  • “Maximum Payoff”. Maximum Payoff is our 12 Step Client and Customer Engagement Programme that uses our unique proprietary approach. When building and sustaining a business – your business – there are a number of keys things you have to do to create real value, especially if your ultimate goal is to exit in 3-5 or 10 years time. Our 12 step plan makes sure you and your business get the maximum payoff from all your hard work. It helps get everything integrated and systemised to enhance the value for your eventual sale or exit.

At Lead Explosion, we have many low cost ways to get you started and boosting your business results.

AND, if you have the budget, we have a few “high ticket” ways to explode your business too – just ask us about our “Kill Your Company” days.

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