Mobile Marketing

  Is your business fully “mobilised”?     

For every business, including yours, technological innovation creates opportunity and threat.

Opportunity because it can aid productivity, reduce costs and create other improvements in a business.

Threat because the innovation can totally change a market for the better – or ruin a business overnight!

But there is an even bigger danger, when new technology comes around

This danger is a deeper, more hidden, more subtle, yet complex threat….and that threat comes directly from –  YOU – a business owner or sales manager!

And it’s this…whether you adopt mobile or not, whether you adapt to technological change or not – it is a choice.

Inaction, like action, is a choice

Today’s business winners use properly mobilised web sites, mobile marketing and a range of other technological innovations we can introduce you too.

Tomorrow’s ultimate failures – even with desk top sites partially useable on mobiles – are those business owners burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the need for fully mobilised marketing.

So what do we mean?

You have a web site – a site originally designed to be viewed via a PC – and yes, we know, you can see it on a ‘mobile phone too….whether with the mobile, tablet, phablet or lap top, users do not want to see a hard to read, difficult to navigate site…and most PC design based sites are just that – difficult to read, navigate and too wordy.

Mobile users – lets call them “untethered” prospects – want quick loading, easy to use navigation, tap’n’ touch, tap’n’call solutions with uncluttered and clear visuals and simple, clear text, photo’s, menu’s, service offerings, video and texts.

We can help you give that to your customers.

Technology is always evolving and with more consumers using smartphones, laptops and tablets to search the web, it’s important to have a mobile website that is fully mobile optimised.

You or may not know but mobile took over from the PC in 2015 – four years ago!


And that impacts your business, right now, this second, whether you realise it or not.

For example did you know that if you do not have a mobile site you are likely to be missed by more than 50% of YOUR potential buyers?

And even though your regular website is accessible on mobile devices:

a) it probably doesn’t look very good and

b) desk top sites on mobiles are hard to navigate around on mobile devices.

When the internet initially came in the 1990’s many companies and business owners ignored it and the need for a website.

Many paid the ultimate price of business foreclosure. So…did you adopt early or late for that?

Did you adopt and use email and autoresponders to boost your business or did you miss that one too?

Did you adopt and embrace video marketing or is that wave also passing you by?

What about SMS, QR Codes, Reputation Management?

So, let me ask, are you going to do the same with mobile?

General Features

Maintain Your Brand

Use your existing logo, header and background.
Content Managed

Update content in real-time. Easy as using Facebook.
Mobile Compatible

Works with with thousands of mobile devices globally.
Full Analytics

Track your customer trends through Google Analytics.
Mobile Redirection

Automatic device detection displays your mobile site.
Keep Your Domain

Easily link to your mobile site from
Search Engines

Automatically uses your own meta keywords for SEO.
Unlimited Possiblities

Customisable CSS for endless formatting options.

With “mobile”, businesses aiming to survive are faced with the same dilemma. It is:

“Get with it” or “Watch your business die by a 1,000 cuts”

To decide what to do you need to know the difference between a Standard Website and a Mobile Website

The major difference between the two is a simple one: How do they display on a mobile device?

If a company has a proper mobile website – and we are not talking about WordPress Responsive templates by the way – it’s created specifically to display easy to navigate options on any mobile devices [iPhones/Androids/IPads/Tablets].

Graphics are created to display properly and the user doesn’t have to zoom in to figure out what something says. The display resolution for a mobile website is much smaller than a regular website. This helps your site display in the right format for the much smaller screen most mobile devices use.

Looking at a mobile website compared to a standard website on a smart phone is the easiest way to see the difference. On the mobile website, it’s easy to read all the text, find links and navigate the site. However, without a mobile site, your standard site will show up and unless the user knows where to go already, it can be very difficult to find the right links, pages and and read any information you provide.

Your site needs to be built as “reverse responsive” ie built for mobile and then read on a PC, not the other way around.

Check if your site does these four things?

Here are the Four Main Advantages of sites built for today’s untethered prospects:

1.  Easier, Quicker, User Experience

The most important advantage you gain from the use of a mobile website is the experience you pass on to the user. Users don’t need to zoom in to read anything. Finding the links for purchasing, ordering, contact information and anything else of importance becomes very easy.

2.  Attention Spans Are Short – So You Need Speed

Lots of people today have visual ADHD and if the cannot see what they want – quickly – they are Gone, Gone, GONE….

Regular websites tend to take forever to load on mobile devices. Why? Because of the larger graphics and content. Even with 3G and 4G if navigation is remotely hard they are gone. In microseconds.

You don’t run into this issue with a properly designed site catering to todays buyers. Such design takes care of the mobile prospect or customer and their devices. The graphics are smaller and the sites load much faster than your standard website, so you get to grab the mobile users attention rapidly and they stay on your site longer.

3.  Improved Search Ranking

Google and many other search engines give priority to mobile optimised websites.  The reason is this: because many consumers search on their smartphones and tablets, it’s important for Google to display results which enable easy viewing on these devices – and mobile is where everything is headed. With a mobile website, you gain search engine optimisation benefits, which can lead to more customers finding your site instead of your competitor’s.

4.  User Engagement

With a mobile website, you can use mobile specific features, such as a “tap to call” or a location-based map, mobile appointment setters and many other applications besides. This is useful because it allows you to engage the user and make it quicker, simpler and more convenient for their use. If you want more people to contact your business, using a mobile site will get the job done simply because you can use a “call to action” specific to these users.

Mobile Navigation

Custom Layout

Menus and sub-menus make it easy to organise content in hierarchies with trees and branches.

Your Content

Take content from your existing website and make it seamlessly compatible with all mobile phones.

Easily add menu items and images. Bulk upload available using a Microsoft Excel template.
Mobile Appointment Setting or Bookings and Reservations

If you want prospect or clients to book appointment say for dental, osteopathy, chiropody,  accounting services or consulting the mobile calendar and appointment setter option can work wonders and reduce cancellations.
If you use OpenTable for reservations, our module makes it easy for customers to book a table. One-click.

Schedule special events and share with customers. Recurring and scheduling options keep you updated.

Instantly offer mobile coupons, daily specials, exclusive offers, customer loyalty rewards and more!
Photo Albums

Upload unlimited photo albums to share staff and customer pictures with your visitors.

Display multiple locations and offer “Find near me” and door-to-door directions with built-in GPS functionality.
1-Click Phone Calls

Allow customers to call your business by simply pressing a button. Track all calls made through your site.
Chef/Owner/Manager/Staff Bios

Have a rich history, special chef or story to tell? Develop a profile to get people talking.
Delivery Specials

Add separate delivery or pick-up menus and specials. Attach mobile coupons and flyers.

Inquire about becoming a franchise, or share restaurant investor information.

Statistics Backing Up Mobile Website Usage

It should come as come as no surprise, more consumers are using their mobile devices to find restaurants, retail businesses and every other kind of local business every year. The numbers are still climbing.

Here are some key statistics you need to know to help you understand the danger to your business if you don’t cater for todays buyers:

  • Over HALF of all local searches happen on a mobile device. Don’t have one and you potentially lose half your target market
  • Over 60% of those finding your business through a local search are likely to call your business and 59% of those actually visit the business, so it increases your footfall, calls and sales
  • The switch from PC based to Mobile domination, when a mobile device to access the internet and search was used more than PC based searches was the end of 2015. If you have not made the change you don’t have long – otherwise your business will become a dinosaur. And we know what happened to them!
  • Experts also predicted tablets would make up over 20% of the mobile market in 2013 (it was more), so a mobile site, set up for phones, phablets (1/2 phone and half tablet) and tablets, is essential to your business survival
  • Three out of every five mobile users expect your mobile site to load in under 3 seconds – so do the 3 second test on your mobile site….and even then…. can you read it?

OK, your probably getting the message, and as irritating as it may be, you are starting to recognise you might need either a new mobile site or at least getting your desk top site fully “mobilised”.

Considering the statistics above, if you run a local business offering a service or product, you cannot afford to go on as you are at the moment. If you also couple it with all the mobile marketing tools we have available for you [SMS marketing (that’s text), QR Codes, Coupons, NFC’s and much more] you can exponentially grow your business.

Or, the longer you go on as you are you’re losing customers and missing out on opportunities to grow

OK, lets look at some numbers.

Imagine if just 100 potential customers a month searched for your business on their mobile device:

  • Without a mobile website, most of these people will simply look for a competitor who does and you will miss out on all the potential opportunities.
  • Based on research, with a mobile website, 60 out of those 100 people will at least call your business and over 30 of those people will come through your doors.
  • Without a mobile website, you could miss out on those 30 sales every month (assuming only 100 people search for you on a mobile device every month).
  • If those people HAD come through you door that would have added up to even more sales because you could land repeat sales too.
  • You could be missing out on initial cash flow and profits.
  • The opportunity to build a relationship with those people.
  • Leading to repeat business and referral business.

Potentially, you could be leaving tens of thousands of £’s on the table just because you don’t cater for the way people buy today.

Investing in a mobile website today will pay for itself very quickly.

Social Media


Encourage customers to Like your Facebook page. Increase fans!

Easily display your recent tweets, schedule retweets and add Twitter followers!

Provide a direct link to your Foursquare profile for quick check-ins and reviews.

Point customers to your LinkedIn profile for inquiries and business opportunities.

Share Flickr images of your restaurant and food taken by you and your customers.

Easily display your YouTube videos from past events, festivals or promotions.
Your Blog

Have a blog on Tumblr or WordPress? Share it and increase your readership.
Group Deals

Link to your deals on Groupon, LivingSocial, DealFind and more!

For most businesses, it will take just ONE new customer in a whole YEAR to cover the investment, and probably not even one customer, but fractions of a customer (depending on what you sell)…..

But don’t just think of one new customer a year. Imagine how much your business could grow with just a few new customers becoming repeat customers every month.

You need to allow potential customers to find you within the local search results, on their mobile devices.

When they do find you, providing the right user experience for your local business will increase the odds they show up at your restaurant, store, clinic, surgery, MOT station, garage, accounting practice, estate agency, chiropady practice, or whatever business you are in or at least call to find out more about what you do and how you can benefit them.

Social Proof is also more of a “Must” today too so we cater for customer reviews too:

Google Places


Urban Spoon

Trip Advisor

If you have read this far you are either a glutton for punishment or this is making sense?

In which case you recognise putting off such an investment for your business could be its death nell – especially if you have been a laggard or late adopter on everything else your competitors will have adopted: video. webinars, emails, call tracking, direct response, reputation management, social media and more, and you are doing those things aren’t you? So, what should you do next…..

Next Steps

If you want to take advantage of all things we can do to help you capture todays buyer today and would like to discover more, just call us on 01635 917373 now or email now.

P.S. Our mobile marketing solution can be a DFU [Done For You Service] or you can access our cutting edge, mobile marketing platform direct and create and manage your own mobile marketing yourself [DIY]. Or a combination in between. You choose. But whatever you do…don’t delay. Get in contact now. 01635 917373.