Need More Leads For Your Business?

If you do, we can help….and resolve The BIGGEST “What if?” you and business owners and sales managers like you face:

“What if I could find a way to boost sales results, with a great ROI, with higher quality sales leads, increase their conversion rate……and sell at bigger margins and more frequently?”

Solving that question could be real AH HA! moment for you…as it has been for other businesses we have helped…

At Lead Explosion, we create solutions that answer just that question – and ways to answer many other “What If’s” you ask yourself the minute you wake up, or on your way to work, or the minute you get behind your desk each day.

We both know, every day in your business, you face many challenges……

The challenge of constantly needing to fill up the sales funnel…

The challenge of keeping the customers or clients you already have…

The challenge of being in front of the right prospects at just the time they want to buy!…

Because you have those challenges we are here to help you meet and overcome them. We Help Your Business Do All Three….and more

We look at what you do, then create ways that generate you quality, targeted leads from suspect stage, to solid prospect, to converted client. Then we help you with deeper client penetration; upselling, cross selling, to retention, then referral.

So, if you are not getting the sales you want perhaps we can help you get what you need….warm, interested, convertible prospects…

If you have sales pain in your business, or worries about it’s future we specialise in using direct response solutions, mobile marketing, online video, call, email, nurturing and lead tracking and more, to get you the maximum results.

Whilst we help all sorts of business our specialty is generating leads for Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Relocation Firms, Home Search businesses, New Homes Developers, Commercial Agents, Removers, Conveyancers, Surveyors, and all the trades that service the Property Transfer business, whether you appeal to Home Owners, Home Buyers, Landlords, or Investors.

This can be achieved whether you are purely an online business, purely mobile, or a typical “offline” brick and mortar business.

We help you get RID of the worry of:

“What if we don’t hit target this month”…………..because that usually means:

  • more pressure
  • more chats with the bank manager or boss
  • no bonus, commissions, or dividend this month or quarter end [or, at minimum, less than you planned]
  • and further possibilities you will not survive (affecting, potentially, your job, car, home, family)?”…..

On The Other Hand, Instead Of Worrying, What If You Could Replace It With…

“What if our lead generation and conversion did go up by 10% more leads, 10% more conversion and 10% more client spend?”

…..what would that mean to you?

More bonus pay, higher commissions, greater dividend, and continued growth in your business. Results like that also mean a more secure future too – for you, your business, your family.

…..wouldn’t that be a better outcome?

We know from the results our approaches get, that it would be. But prove to yourself what it would mean for your business if those three projections came true….

                     …..10% more leads, 10% more conversion and 10% more client spend?

Go on, quickly grab a pen and paper or switch on your calculator and work it out right now (and for many businesses these numbers are very conservative!).

Then, if you think the result is worth picking up the ‘phone, then call us on 01635 917373 or click your mouse and email so we can get those results for you…or even 20%, 30% even 400% higher results!

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